Here are a few interesting videos. NOTE: Embedded YouTube videos may be blocked where you work. You may need to view them at home.


After I started using PowToon, I became convinced that conventional presentations using PowerPoint or Impress are too dull to use. Even Prezi is chaotic and annoying by comparison! With a little practice, videos like the one below can be easily created in a reasonable amount of time.

Making Maps With Python

Presentation by Zain Memon at PYCON US. This fascinating video "will run through a handful of useful GIS libraries and patterns that let you do magical things with your maps." This video is a quick introduction to building local MapServer tile indexes.

And Now For Something Completely Vintage...

William Shatner narrates this video about GRASS GIS. Hosted by OSGeo, (NOT YouTube!) the United States Army produced this video in 1987 to explain basic GIS concepts.

Data for Decision

This film was made for the Canadian Department of Forestry and Rural Planning. Divided into three segments, this film provides a view into the beginnings of Geographic Information Systems in the 1960's. Roger F. Tomlinson, credited by many as the "Modern Father of GIS", is seen speaking at the end of the first segment.

Data for Decision, Part One

Data for Decision, Part Two

Data for Decision, Part Three